Friday, May 29, 2009

Down by the old swimming hole (Hermit Falls)

What's so great about it? The hike to Hermit Falls in the Angeles National Forest is almost as soothing and picturesque as a dip in the swimming hole above the falls. You hike for less than five miles along a single-track dirt path, through groves of cottonwood, eucalyptus and oak trees, bordering a cute, trickling stream. The swimming hole is deep and bordered by huge granite boulders, perfect for kamikaze cannonball dives. Then dry off on the warm rocks.

A note of warning: Jump at your own risk. There are no medical emergency services nearby. You get injured and you are going to have to limp back out.

Directions: From Interstate 210, take Santa Anita Avenue north to the Chantry Flats. Go past the gate and down the paved road into the canyon. Trail signs direct you to Hermit Falls. A large metal pipe on your left marks the swimming hole.

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