Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This spring is really hot! (Deep Creek)

Deep Creek 018

What's so great about it? Deep Creek has a series of hot spring pools, each one hotter than the other. The hottest spring pool is searing hot and it feels great to soak for a few seconds and then jump into the cool waters of Deep Creek. The hot springs are in the cradle of a bend in Deep Creek, surrounded by massive granite boulders, willows, cotton wood and Joshua trees. The scenery is breathtaking.

A few notes of caution. The hot springs are located in the desert south of Apple Valley, where temperatures can be brutally hot. Plus, you will be soaking in water over 100 degrees, so dehydration is a definite danger. So, bring lots of water. In fact, bring twice as much as you think you will need. One more thing: The springs are clothing optional so if you are uncomfortable with nudity, beware. Lastly, bring sunblock. During my last visit, I spent so much time standing naked in the sun, staring at other naked bathers that I got sun burned in parts that should never get any sun.

No overnight camping.

Directions. From Los Angeles, drive north on Interstate 15 toward Hesperia. Exit east on Bear Valley Road and continue for about 10 miles. Turn right on Central Avenue and go about
three miles, turning left on Ocotillo Way. Go two miles to Bowen Ranch Road. Paved road becomes dirt. Continue on Bowen Ranch Road for about six miles.

When you reach private property known as Bowen Ranch, you will come to a stop sign. The ranch owner charges $5 to park on the land. Slip the money into the supplied envelope, write your license plate number on the outside and drop the envelope into the metal slot. Take a trail map offered at the ranch entrance. Trail posts numbered “3W02” mark the route. Follow it two miles to a bend in Deep Creek, where you will see a rope stretched across the water. Cross there.

For more detailed directions go to ww.deepcreekvolunteers.com.

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