Monday, September 13, 2010

Look for Osprey in Upper Newport Bay

The Osprey, a majestic bird that makes its home near water, is making a comeback in Southern California.
It's great news because these are beautiful birds to watch in action. I just got back from my annual vacation in Huntington Lake where I joined the Osprey in a daily hunt for trout in the beautiful mountain lake. My efforts were an epic failure but I enjoyed watching the Osprey soar over the surface and dive to pluck the floundering fish from the lake.
If you have never seen an Osprey before, think of a cross between a seagull and an eagle, with a call that sounds like a crying baby.
To see the Osprey, check out the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Ecological Reserve. Follow the link for hours and directions. The preserve boasts one of the largest coastal wetland in southern California, and is renowned as one of the finest bird watching sites in North America.

(Photo: Osprey nest near the Upper Newport Bay. Credit: Los Angeles Times.)

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