Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Run Forrest, Run! (Santa Ynez Canyon Trail)

What's great about it: This loop trail takes you through all the wonderful terrain that Southern California has to offer, from scrub land to shady woods. Be ready to jump over streams and duck under fallen branches. But the payoff to this run comes when you reach the summit and get a view of the Pacific Ocean, with Catalina Island in the distance.

What to expect:: This 9.5-mile loop has a 1,400-foot elevation gain in Topanga State Park. It's a moderately difficult run with a rugged climb near the start and a three-mile descent at the end. The loop goes along the Trailer Canyon Fire Road to the Temescal Ridge Fire Road to the Eagle Road Fire Road and ends on the Santa Ynez Canyon Trail.

Directions: From Sunset Boulevard, drive east on Palisades Drive, turn left on Vereda de la Montura and look for the trail head on the right.

For more details go towww.trailrunnersclub.com.

(photo credit: MTB Trail Review)

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